Production of PET flakes

PET bottle we use so often today can be collected and entered by recycling back into the economic circuit. PET plastic - the abbreviation Polyethylen- terephthalate, is 100% recyclable and can be easily used in production of new products in multiple industries: toilet, automotive, construction, geotextile etc.

From raw material to finished product

PET bottle waste are processed in successive phases of:

        Sort by color: after the waste is sorted individually by color sorting takes place automatically after the polymer type (other than PET, foil, label, bottle, sand, etc.)  metals are removed  through the flow separator before as PET bottles to reach the grinding machines.

        Grinding: The PET bottle sorted already by color-enter the bunkers separate (blue, green, brown, transparent .. etc ). From bunkers, PET bottles are transported to the mill, where there is a process of wet grinding resulting PET flakes.

        Washing: PET flakes are transported in silos, where the washing takes place in several stages, followed by drying them in a centrifuge mechanics. The last phase of the process includes using optical sorter to remove all impurities (foreign material or contamination on color), just to have the highest quality finished product. Finally, PET flakes are packed in special bags which weigh app. 1 ton. Each bag is tested in the laboratories for quality before being sent to our customers.

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